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Unsulfered yams   

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Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for social development and the critical point for corporate development. In order to enhance scientific and technological innovation ability to ensure energetic development of our company, Meiwei has as always taken it as the most critical factor in its development.


  Today’s market competition is not purely supported by prices and brand, but rather technological content, characteristics, quality related to its brand and consumers’ satisfaction as well as honesty, etc. To ensure sustainable development, our company has as always kept in mind the concept that scientific and technological innovation is the eternal theme and driving force for our growth. Thus we are spending more resources in talents fostering and scientific and technological innovation so as to enhance the ability for innovation and scientific research and convert them into real productive forces.



  At present, our company has established strategic cooperation with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University, Hebei Medical University in fields of industry, study and research. Having taken the advantage of the combination of company and universities, we had formed the all-win situation of industry, study and research with profession and industry reinforcing each other. Besides, to make our ability of scientific and technological innovation sustainable, our company have taken a series of measures including fostering innovative minds, creating sound scientific research environment and establishing high-level scientific and research teams, ect.


  At present, our efforts have seen initial achievements. The freeze-drying technology of Chinese yam decoction pieces, a cooperated result of our company with Tianjin University, has replaced the traditional sulfur processing technology and solved the industrial problem of exceeding sulfur in Chinese yam decoction pieces. Our technology has acquired the national patent for invention and nominated as new and hi-tech TCM decoction pieces by National Development and Reform Commission.