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Sulfur dioxide

TCM stoving refers to fumigating TCM material and its processed products with sulfur. The sulfur dioxide created by warming sulfur can kill bacteria, prevent mould and insects as well as bleach TCM products. In recent years, TCM stoving is used abusively only for products appearance, ignoring influence on TCM products. Even though testing methods for sulfur dioxide residue has been stipulated in National Pharmacopoeia, they are seldom used on TCM products or only on limited types.


  Surfur stoving is a traditional TCM processing method. However, it can destroy the effective elements in TCM products and change TCM formula. Long-term taking of sulfur-stoved TCM products may cause cramp, spasm, n diarrhea, abdominal distension, cirrhosis and gastroenteric malfunction. What’s worse, it may lead to blood poisoning, cirrhosis, heart attack or blindness.


  Our company Meiwei has always attached great importance to quality safety, especially for sulfur-stoved TCM products. However, sulfur stoving is a common method for Chinese yam. To solve such a problem, we developed the sulfur-free processing technology of Dioscorea Opposita Thunb, the result of cooperated R&D with Tianjin University. It has acquired the national patent for invention and nominated as new and hi-tech TCM decoction pieces by National Development and Reform Commission. Meanwhile, our company is taking further exploration on innovative processing methods on TCM decoction pieces including freeze-drying and vacuum drying technology so as to replace sulfur stoving and ensure better and safe quality.