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Our company Meiwei has always taken products quality as the core element of development. In order to ensure safety, stability and effectiveness of our products quality, our GMP management team under the Department of Quality Management takes an all-way quality control from four aspects, such as plantation, pickup, processing and inspection of TCM materials.



  Our core team pays great attention to TCM materials, especially quality stability. Early in 1997, our company Meiwei cooperated with internationally well-known plant medicine company PHYTOPHARM.PLC, devoting into planting pollution-free TCM material and establishing natural medicine material pickup base. Our company has taken the lead in adopting the pattern of company, base, standardization and farmers with GAP in various medicine material productions. We are crucially critical in many links such as area selection, soil examination, water irrigation quality, plantation management and pickup and processing. Applying modern technology to monitor TCM material plantation, pest control and fertilizer adoption in the whole process, we thoroughly solved the industrial problem of material quality uncontrollability.

  Scientific medicine material pickup(including season、time、methods) is an important grantee of its better quality. Different types of medicine material have different growth period and pickup time. Some materials need to be picked up before their blossom while some are post-blossom period. Bad mastering of pickup time, no matter earlier or later, will directly affect the inner quality of materials. Therefore, our professionals provide medicine farmers will scientific pickup time so as to ensure better and stable quality of our materials.

  Newly-picked fresh medicine materials needs simple processing in a timely manner, which is an important and unignorable link in the management of material quality. Scientific pre-processing methods provided to medicine farmers can control man-made pollution and thoroughly solve sulfur dioxide fuming problems while special pre-processing methods for some materials of certain features can largely reduce the content of aflatoxin and ensure medicine safety.

  As for most preprocessed TCM materials, our professionals will further process those using traditional and modern advanced technologies instead of stoving and soaking in chemical reagent to ensure our products are safe and of better and stable quality

  Besides, our company has made new innovation explorations based on the present processing technologies. The freeze-drying technology of Chinese yam decoction pieces, a cooperated result of our company with Tianjin University, has replaced the traditional sulfur processing technology and solved the industrial problem of exceeding sulfur in Chinese yam decoction pieces.our technology has acquired the national patent for invention and nominated as new and hi-tech TCM decoction pieces by National Development and Reform Commission.

  GMP management team, subordinating to the department of quality management, constantly monitors every production links in a dynamic way. Physicochemical Room, Instrument Room and Microorganism Room in quality testing center are in charge of all-way testing of our products in accordance with pharmacopoeia. Our center is equipped with advanced testing instruments, such as AGILENT and SHIMADZU GC-MS, HPLC, GC,AAS, UV-S,FS and a group of highly-educated testing personnels. As a result, we can wholly test our products, providing reliable guarantee for their quality.