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Microbial contamination is TCM biological one caused mainly by bacteria and bacteria toxin,mould and mould toxin as well as virus. The sources are bacteria, mould and pathogenic bacteria.

  Types and number of microorganism in TCM material will change with the alteration of TCM environment and properties if TCM material is affected with pollution. The result of such change is the number of microorganism in TCM material increases or decreases. The worsening result that can be seen sensed directly is that its external properties deteriorate or its curative effect reduces or even itself decays producing toxin that is harmful for people’s health or make people suffer from disease. 

  To ensure quality safety of our microorganism-free products, our company Meiwei has taken a series of measures including timely cleaning of relevant equipments and apparatus, enhancing personal hygiene standard of our employees, controlling tidiness,temperature, humidity,setting up separate air-conditioning system and properly planing flows of people and articles. Our Quality Inspection Center set up microorganism inspection lab in 2006 equipped with many inspection apparatus. We carry out strict inspection over bacterial,mould and commonly-seen pathogenic bacterium so as to ensure the biological safety of our products.