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Hebei Meiwei TCM material company limited, founded in 1995, is an export-oriented, modern manufacturing company, integrating medicine material plantation, scientific research, production and foreign trade with TCM decoction pieces and TCM concentration particles as its main products. It is a new and hi-tech industrialization demonstration company, a leading agricultural industrialization company which has won GMP certificate.

  Holding the operation concept of good honesty, better quality, scientific production and serving the people, our company has taken the lead in material base launching, large-scale production, modern testing and standard technology with consistent effort. Our series of TCM decoction pieces and concentration particles branded as “Meihua” are well-sold in European and American markets. Our oral TCM decoction pieces branded as “Jinxiu” have already penetrated into advanced domestic medical institutions and the brand “Jinxiu” has been honored as famous trademark in Hebei province. With its better quality, the series of one root of medicine and food products brands as “Fulu yuan” are warmly welcomed by consumers.

  The quality of TCM material is the basis of better TCM products quality. Our core team attaches great importance to the quality stability of our TCM materials. Early in 1997, our company Meiwei cooperated with internationally well-known plant medicine company PHYTOPHARM.PLC, devoting to planting pollution-free TCM materials and establishing natural medicine material pickup bases. Our company has taken the lead in adopting the pattern of company, base, standardization and farmers with GAP in various medicine material productions. We are crucially critical in many links such as area selection, soil examination, water irrigation quality, plantation management and pickup and processing. Applying modern technology to monitor TCM material plantation, pest control and fertilizer adoption in the whole process, we thoroughly solved the industrial problem of material quality uncontrollability.

  Our company has always taken products quality as the key part of its development. GMP management team, subordinating to the department of quality management, constantly monitors every production link in a dynamic way. Physicochemical Room, Instrument Room and Microorganism Room in quality testing center are in charge of all-way testing of our products in accordance with Pharmacopoeia. Our center is equipped with advanced testing instruments, such as AGILENT and SHIMADZU GC-MS , HPLC,GC,AAS,UV-S,FS, ect and a group of highly-educated testing personnels. As a result, we can wholly test our products, providing reliable guarantee for their quality.

  Innovation is the driving force for company development while talents are the basis of innovation. Our company has always valued talents fostering and reserving. We now have more than 200 employees, with junior college graduates accounting 35% of all of our employees. Bachelor degree holders and post-graduates majoring in Traditional Chinese Pharmacology are the main forces of our products testing and R&D team. Meanwhile, our company has established strategic cooperation with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University, Hebei Medical University in fields of industry, study and research. Having taken the advantage of the combination of company and universities, we had formed the all-win situation of industry, study and research with profession and industry reinforcing each other. The sulfur-free processing technology of Dioscorea Opposita Thunb, the result of cooperated R&D with Tianjin University, has acquired the national patent for invention and nominated as new and hi-tech TCM decoction pieces by National Development and Reform Commission.

Honesty, Virtue, Heritage Innovation.

  Following this core concept, our company Meiwei will make consistent effort and forge ahead to provide our people with the best TCM decoction pieces and international friends the best TCM products so as to inherit the Chinese medicine essence and carry forward thousands years of TCM culture.