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Mayway Us


Mayway is a family business that has been importing and distributing traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. From our humble beginnings as a small herb shop in San Francisco Chinatown, we have grown to become a respected industry leader. We have been at the forefront of raising the quality standards of herbal products within our industry for decades, and are conscientious in our sourcing of herbs and in the manufacturing of our products.

  A commitment to providing high quality products is our top priority. We believe that through ensuring the exceptional quality of our products we are able to promote better health in individuals, help strengthen the businesses of our customers, and help support the industry as a whole.


1969, Established Mayway which imported herbs from Hong Kong and processed the “Temple of Heaven” brand of herbs in–house for wholesale distribution
1972, First retail store in San Francisco Chinatown, called “China Herbs & Native Produce Company”
1975, Began importing Chinese herbal formulas from Hong Kong
1983, First Plum Flower® brand products-liquid extracts without alcohol
1987, Began importing Lanzhou Foci Minshan® brand
1987, Mayway (UK) Co. Ltd. established
1990, Introduced Plum Flower® 5:1 Extracts with minimal fillers as an alternative to extracts with heavy fillers.
1992, Introduced Plum Flower® Classic teapills using premium herbs and no artificial coloring or pharmaceuticals, which were very common among Chinese herbal formulas of the day
1992, Introduced Plum Flower® unsulfured, chlorine free, aluminum phosphate free herbs
1992, Moved into our Oakland, CA headquarters
1996, Inauguration of Anguo Mayway, our own herb processing facility
1996, First in a string of International GMP Certifications for our Manufacturing Partners
1996, Voluntary individual heavy metals testing
1997, Voluntary pesticides testing
2002, Introduced 5:1 Extracts Formulas containing NO fillers: super-fine herb powder is used as a base, eliminating the need for fillers
2003, Introduction of the clinically proven Modern Masters® Series
2005, Mayway website launch giving practitioners additional tools to use in their practice
2007, Mayway headquarters installs a 57.7 kilowatt solar-electric system becoming 100% solar-powered
2007, Mayway headquarter gets Green Business certified
2009, Completion of new 6.5 acre Hebei Mayway herb processing campus with 200,000 square feet GMP certified manufacturing facility and complete laboratories providing on-site microbial testing, gas chromatography, atomic absorption, HPLC, TLC capabilities, and can process up to 18 million pounds of herbs annually.