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Unsulfered yams   

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Unsulfered yams

Chinese yam, a common TCM material, is recorded in the list of first group of on root of medicine and food products in China and is an important material for one root and dual purposes of medicine and food. It is good for spleen,stomach, digestion,kidney,body fluid,liver and can stop coughing and reduce blood sugar.

  At present, the majority of Chinese yam decoction pieces circulating in market are sulfur-stoved. The sulfur stoving method may cause a lot of sulfur dioxide residues in products. Long-term taking of such products is harmful for people’s health. Only few sulfur-free stoved ones take the method of drying their pieces in an oven. However, they may easily break into pieces and rot after boiling even though they are pollution-free. Thus, they are no good use for decoction pieces. A brand-new production technology of Chinese yam is in urgent need to replace these unscientific processing methods.

  With the belief of improving products quality constantly in mind, our company Meiwei in Hebei province has taken a path of improving our abilities concerning scientific and technological innovation, independent R&D and conversion of scientific and technology results. Besides, we spend more resources in fostering our talents and improving scientific and technological innovation ability so as to modernize our TCM decoction pieces. At present, our company has established strategic cooperation with many universities in fields of Industry, Study and Research. Having taken the advantage of the combination of company and universities, we had formed the all-win situation of industry, study and research with profession and industry reinforcing each other. The fast freeze-drying processing technology of sulfur-free decoction pieces of Chinese yam, a cooperated research result with Tianjin University, has won the national patent with proprietary intellectual property rights(patent license number:200910075363.0) and is awarded as Hebei new and high-tech industrial program by National Development and Reform Commission. Our company continued to expand investment on and carry out application demonstration projects of standard production and process control technology of sulfur-free Chinese yam decoction pieces, largely enhancing the safety, stability and economic value of our Chinese yam decoction pieces.

  The fast freeze-drying processing technology of sulfur-free Chinese yam decoction piece features good innovation and top advancement in the whole world, solving the challenging sulfur-stoving problem fundamentally. The low temperature freezing technology can protect the active elements in Chinese yam to its maximum and the content of allantoin, protein and total sugar of frozen Chinese yam is apparently higher than that of sulfur-stoved ones, largely improving its quality and avoiding the situation of albuminous degeneration and presence of many sulfide in Chinese yam which is caused by sulfur-stoving processing method. Thus we not only enhance the pharmaceutical value of our Chinese yam, but also ensure its safety. As present, such a technology has been successful converted into productivity and used in a large scale. Our products are well-sold in European and American markets.