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In a long run, people assess TCM quality in accordance with its external properties, ignoring internal quality. In recently years, with the technological development and deeper research on micromolecule content, the micromolecule content featuring bioactivity and curability starts to be valued. The 2010 pharmacopoeia has defined the common TCM material and effective contents of its obscure types and formulated strict content standard and testing methods.

  Mayway has been engaging in exporting better quality TCM products for many years. Its products are present all over the world. To meet customer’s different needs on the safety, effectiveness and stability of our products, we take control over them from the very beginning, which is evidenced by its presence of tens of standard TCM material plantation bases in Inner-Mongolia, Ningxia, Sichuan, Gansu, Hunan, Fujian and Hebei provinces, etc.

  To ensure our products meet high quality requirements, we have a comprehensive control over environment, plantation management, pickup and processing.

  In 2006, our company launched large-scale expansion projects and established Quality Inspection Center equipped with many advanced inspection apparatus including folium scanner, visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption system, microwave digestion system, high performance liquid chromatograph, gaschromatograph, gaschromatograph and mass spectrum system, ultraviolet spectrophotometer. With those equipments, we are able to inspect many items, like chemical contents, microorganism, heavy metal, pesticide residues and carry out quantitative and qualitative inspection over many indicators, ensuring safe, stable and effective products.