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Heavy metal

Heavy metals inside TCM products mainly refer to the toxic biological elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and arsenic. The plant and animal kinds of TCM materials absorb heavy metals actively from the surrounding environment (soil, water, atmosphere) during their growth stages and accumulate inside human body. It does harms to patients if they take medicine containing such elements.


  Four heavy metal elements in common TCM materials and harms they do to people:


Lead: research shows that lead is harmful for nerve system, bone hematopoietic function, digestive system, male reproductive system and even cancer or gene mutation.


Cadmium:research shows excessive cadmium accumulation causes arteriosclerosis, nephrarctia, bone osteoporosis. Besides, cadmium is likely to bring cancer or malformation to people. 


Mercury; mercury is the most toxic element in heavy metal pollution. The combination of apoenzyme and mercury ion created by inorganic mercuric salt restricts enzyme activity, a barrier for the normal function of cell. organomercurial compound accumulation in human body invades neural center, destroying blood vessel of brain. 


Arsenic: research shows arsenic in human body accumulates at parts of osteoporosis, like liver, kidney, spleen, muscle, hair and fingernail. Srsenic usually affects nerve system, stimulating blood creation organs. Long-time contacts with arsenic will poison cell and capillary, or likely causing malignant tumor.

  Our company Meiwei has always valued the material sources of products. At present, we have established standard plantation bases in many cities and provinces. Besides, we have strictly monitored the growth environment of our materials including soil, water irrigation quality, atmosphere, ensuring our plantation environment meets or is superior to national standard.

  To further ensure our materials are free from heavy metal pollution during the whole process including plantation, production, processing, storing and transportation, we specially equipped our company with internationally famous apparatus, like atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, and microwave digestion system. Our Quality Inspection Center takes strict control over heavy metal in our products so as to forbid products that do not meet National Pharmacopoeia Criterion enter market, ensuring safe, stable and effective marketed products.